God's promises revealed

All through the Old Testament the promises of God were revealed — that he would send a Saviour.

Even when Adam and Eve rebelled against God and chose to go their own way, God was already preparing a way back to restore the broken fellowship between himself and mankind. We see his promises repeated again and again, right through the writings of the Old Testament. God promised to Noah that he would never again destroy the earth through water. He promised to Abraham that all the nations of the earth would be blessed thorough his family, even when he had no children at all. In the time of Moses the promise again came that God would raise up a Saviour. And again in the time of David the promise came that his descendant would be a King forever.

All of the promises of the Old Testament point us to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came to earth, the One whose birth we celebrate at Christmastime. He was born in a miraculous way, lived a holy life, died on the cross and rose again from the dead. In Him all God’s promises come to fruition. He is the one who had mended man’s broken relationship with God. And through faith in Him we can know peace with God and know for sure that we will have eternal life with him. This is what God had planned from the beginning.

God asks of each of us that we have faith in our hearts that Jesus is the King of kings, who came and died for our sins. God extends the invitation to you, so that you can believe and share in the good things that come from God, and know you have everlasting life

He calls to you today. What will your response be? Will you ask him to save you and invite him to come and live in your heart and be Lord of your life? If you say ‘yes’ to him then he will come and save you, put his Holy Spirit within you and make you a child in his family, a child of God, a part of his church. For all who respond to him, he gives a commission to take his Word, as we find it in the Bible and tell others about his love, his promises, and the wonders of knowing him personally. God calls to you. How will you answer him today?