Bridges - serving adults at risk

Bridges - serving adults at risk

Bridges is a Christian Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee, set up over 18 years ago to feed and support "street people". Our primary aim is to share the gospel and love of Jesus with vulnerable people many of whom are struggling with drug and/or alcohol addictions.

We are blessed with a fantastic group of Christian volunteers belonging to various Churches and Christian fellowships in the town. We currently meet every Monday evening from 6.00-9.00pm at the Salvation Army Citadel based in the town centre. It's a brilliant facility, centrally based and kindly made available at a nominal rent by the Salvation Army.

On a typical Monday evening our volunteers arrive to set up from 6.00pm and the doors are open from 6.45-7.00pm for our visitors. We usually start with a couple of Christian songs followed by a speaker after which a free hot meal is served. We are affectionately known as "Sing for your Supper"!

An important part of our volunteer's role is to sit and eat with people to build up relationships. We often get the chance to pray with people and support them in different ways.

All our income comes from individuals and Churches/Christian fellowships in the town, without whose support we would not be able to function.

We are recently back from our summer break and it looks as though things are going to be as busy as ever. Including volunteers, we regularly feed over 40 people on a Monday evening.

The food is cooked, usually at home, by volunteers before the meeting and brought to the kitchen by 7.30pm. It includes meals such as meat and potato pie, chilli, meat balls and chicken and pasta. Although we have a good facility for reheating and keeping food hot it is difficult for us to cook the meals from scratch on the premises. We currently have a team of four on the cooking rota and are desperate to recruit more. We obviously pay for the cost of the food.

If you feel led to supporting us in any way please speak to Dave Ashton.

Please contact Dave on Sunday morning at Newbold Community Church or via the contact form




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